Frequently Asked Questions

We ask that Joseph Challenge participants arrange to be dropped off and picked up at the beginning and end of whichever phase(s) in which they choose to participate.

If this is not possible, we will do our best to accommodate your situation. Please explain your situation in the comments section of the registration form and organizers will contact you.

A non-exhaustive list of items a participant might want to bring includes:

Bag/backpack for the below items
Water bottle
Snacks (trail mix, granola bars, etc.)
Extra clothes (shirts, socks, undergarments, pants, etc.)
Extra shoes
Sleeping bag/cot/air mattress/blankets

No. Pilgrims' extra luggage should be brought with them to the starting point and it will dropped off at our overnight accommodations. Details will be shared with registrants as the date nears as to how that process will work.

However, you will have to carry anything you choose to bring with you on the walking portions of the Pilgrimage, such as a water bottle, rosary, or extra snacks. Additional drinks will be available in the support vehicle as we make stops.

This is a walking pilgrimage of about 22-24 miles in total, with an overnight stay. The entire pilgrimage will take place between Friday afternoon and Saturday evening.

Pilgrims should bring their own light snacks if they wish to eat during the day. Dinner will be provided Friday night and a light breakfast (muffins, bagels, granola bars) on Saturday will be provided as well. It's possible we may have a dinner at the conclusion of the pilgrimage on Saturday evening. Some snacks and water throughout the pilgrimage will also be available. Participants are encouraged to bring other provisions as desired or as dietary needs require.

We cannot make special accommodations for special dietary needs. If you need to bring your own food, you may leave it at our lodging location or in the support vehicle.

If you would like to make a contribution towards the cost of these meals (or other costs associated with the pilgrimage), please indicate this when you register.

Yes, confessions will be heard Friday evening and Saturday morning. If a priest is able to join us during the walking portions of the pilgrimage, priest and penitent can drop back from the group for confessions as necessary.

No, if you want to participate in the Joseph Challenge on both Friday and Saturday, you do not have to stay overnight, but it is highly encouraged. A major component of the Pilgrimage is the fraternity with the other men and the enduring of this challenging pilgrimage together. If one man went home to sleep in his soft bed while the others remained to sleep on the hard basement floor, some aspect of fraternity would be lost. You would also need to be back in time to depart with the group on Saturday morning, and you would be responsible for arranging your transportation home and back.

The route will be through the heart of the St. Louis metro area and will take place almost entirely on concrete or asphalt sidewalks and streets. The route will take pilgrims through some busy areas/neighborhoods, but also through some quiet parks. A significant portion will be in the heavily urban central corridor of the City of St. Louis.

Family and friends are welcome (and encouraged!) to attend the Masses that will be offered - Friday evening at 7:15pm and Saturday morning at 8:15am both at the Oratory of Ss. Gregory and Augustine.

The remainder of the pilgrimage is intended to be an opportunity for the participants to "disconnect" from the world and focus on their relationship with God. In this sense, the Pilgrimage is like a retreat.

Of course, any man 18 years old and up is welcome to participate in the pilgrimage including any family members. This would be a great father/son bonding experience, for example. If you want to bring your nephew, God-son, uncle, or any other man in your family over the age of 18, it is highly encouraged!

Yes, any man at least 18 years old can participate in the The Joseph Challenge Pilgrimage. If you are not 18 by the day of the pilgrimage, we ask that you pray for the pilgrims attending this year and join us for next year's pilgrimage.

The weather in Missouri in early May can be unpredictable. The Joseph Challenge Pilgrimage will continue as planned through inclement weather, though considerations will be made if the weather is severe. We will communicate with participants as the date draws near and forecasts are available. In the meantime, pray for good weather!

That is up to individual participants. The Joseph Challenge Pilgrimage is intended to be, in a sense, a retreat. But many people use their phones for other things, such as a camera, or as a prayer book. In order to communicate with rides, or in the case of emergencies, it may be a good idea to have your cell phone. Pilgrimage organizers will have their cell phones at all times.

Also, remember that we will be walking through a densely populated area. In the case of a drastic emergency, a phone or help will not be far off.

We are not asking participants to pay a registration fee. Contributions to help defray costs (meals, snacks, priest travel) and to support the Shrine of St. Joseph are appreciated. The Shrine makes use of volunteers to support our time and celebration of Holy Mass. Please indicate when you register that you are willing to make a contribution and organizers will contact you.

No, you do not have to be Catholic to participate in The Joseph Challenge. However, the Sacrament of Reconciliation is only offered to baptized Catholics, and reception of Holy Communion during Mass is reserved for Catholics in the state of grace. Non-Catholics may participate in all other aspects of the Pilgrimage.

No, showers are not available. This is a pilgrimage after all, which requires some sacrifice. Forgoing a shower for one night might simply mean you need to apply some extra deodorant in the morning.

A ride will be available to come pick up any pilgrim who cannot physically reach the next destination of the Pilgrimage.

Some organizations that have supported us or collaborated with us through the years include Those Catholic Men/Exodus 90, the Knights of Columbus, and the priests of Miles Christi, but this was not an official event of any organization from 2016-2023.

In 2024, the Joseph Challenge Pilgrimage became an official event of the Knights of Columbus Council #17355 at the Oratory of Ss. Gregory and Augustine.

If you like the idea of The Joseph Challenge Pilgrimage but for whatever reason cannot participate, you can still offer assistance! We could use you as a volunteer in a few different roles throughout the pilgrimage. Or, you can contribute monetarily to help offset some of the costs. Please use the "Contact Us" form to let us know you would like to help but cannot participate. Of course you can always help us by spreading the word to other men.

Yes, during the Offertory on Sunday during our final Mass, you should consider giving generously to the Shrine for them letting us use their space. They stay open beyond their normal hours so that we can celebrate Holy Mass in the church.