Joseph Challenge Details

New for 2023 - Phase Zero

In 2023, intrepid pilgrims can start with "Phase Zero" earlier on Saturday morning and add about 9 extra miles to the route. Please indicate on your registration if interested.

Saturday (Day 1)

Phase One

Pilgrims depart from St. Joseph Catholic Church (Manchester) headed for the Carmelite Monastery. Lunch break along the way at Longview Farm Park.

Distance: Approximately 12 miles

Phase Two

The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass will be offered upon arrival at Carmel of St. Joseph. Following Mass, the pilgrimage will head towards St. Joseph Catholic Church in Clayton.

Distance: Approximately 2.5 miles

Phase Three

Dinner will be served upon arrival at St. Joseph in Clayton. Afterwards, we will spend time in a Holy Hour with the Blessed Sacrament. Confessions will be heard. After Holy Hour, we will have time for socializing.

Total distance on Saturday: Approximately 14.5 miles

Sunday (Day 2)

Phase Four

Phase Four begins Sunday morning with morning prayer. After breakfast, we will depart for the Shrine of St. Joseph, arriving for a tour, personal prayer time and Holy Mass. The route will include a stop at the Cathedral Basilica of St. Louis and, if time allows, a stop at the statue of King Louis IX (the Apotheosis of St. Louis) in Forest Park, as well as in front of Planned Parenthood on Forest Park Blvd.

Distance: Approximately 9.5 miles


Saturday (Day 1)

9:00am - Drop-off at St. Joseph Catholic Church (Manchester)
9:30am - Pilgrimage begins
12:00pm - Lunch at Longview Farm Park
3:00pm - Arrive at Carmel of St. Joseph Monastery
3:30pm - Mass
5:00pm - Depart Carmel of St. Joseph
6:15pm - Arrive at St. Joseph Catholic Church (Clayton); dinner
7:30pm - Holy Hour (adoration, confessions, benediction)
8:30pm - Fellowship
11:00pm Lights out

Sunday (Day 2)

7:30am - Depart St. Joseph Catholic Church (Clayton)
9:30am - Arrival at the Cathedral Basilica of St. Louis
10:00am - Depart the Cathedral Basilica of St. Louis
12:30pm - Arrival at Shrine of St. Joseph; tour
1:30pm - Mass at Shrine of St. Joseph
*All times are approximate and subject to change due to travel times, weather, rest breaks, etc. Please pay attention to communication from the organizers as the starting time and other times may be adjusted.